There Are So Many Fasteners Out There, How Can You Choose Which One To Use?

For example, take screws. There are many types of screws, including different types of heads, drive types, and materials. This guide will help you understand all your options: plastic knurled-head thumb screws, nylon grommet nuts, and snap rivets.

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What You Should Know?

If you don’t know what fasteners are, here are some categories to get familiar with.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the fasteners that are available and tell you what your options are.


Two functions are available from the screw head:

  • Once the screw has been driven into a surface, provide the stopping point
  • The drive is housed, and the screw is turned.


Binder machine screws are used for electrical applications. The head’s area provides wire connections space.


For socket-driven screws, a rounded head is used most often.


The fillister machine screw looks similar to the pan head machine screw but has a deeper slot and a more prominent profile. These are used in electrical applications. The shoulder screw is an example of a modified fillister.


Once installed, the countersunk head enables a smooth, flat surface.


Flat or slotted options are available, as shown in the image. Automotive, construction, and machinery are all possible applications.


Countersunk machine screw that has a decorative, rounded head that protrudes from the surface. This is a common use for switch covers.


Non-countersunk decorative screw. It is used for flat surfaces or those with a low profile. This decorative screw can be used to prevent the head from getting snagged during use.

Socket Head

For aesthetic purposes and easy access to the drive, they are usually installed flush with a smooth surface. This screw-head type is considered the strongest.

Next, you need to decide which type of screwdriver do you use. This is the type of tool that you use to install the screw or remove it. You can choose from Phillips, slotted, or a combination of both. If the screws can be turned manually, slotted head screws can be a good choice. However, they should not be used when using an electric screwdriver. Because the electric power causes the screwdrivers to slip off and cause damage to your surface,

For tight spaces, hex drives are ideal, but a hex socket requires an Allen key or a hex key to install. They are used for tight tolerances and are less likely to damage the screw than other methods.

You can hide your TrickFlow Heads with secure screws covers. You can choose from a variety of colors to give your application a professional look.

Thumbscrews Or Knobs

Thumbscrews are distinctive because of their function. The most common type has either a tall, flat, knurled, or vertical head that acts like a key. Both have blunt-nosed heads with easy-to-use grip heads that allow you to adjust or loosen the head by hand. They are ideal for use in applications such as safety covers, battery covers, and other front panels that need quick and easy access.

Slotted heads are often found on plastic thumb screws with knurled heads. This allows you to give the screw a final twist with a flathead driver. Another type of thumbscrew is the wing head thumb screws. They can also be used as thumb screw knobs. With a simple press, they fit all lengths of socket head cap screws.

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