How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets: Flight Saving Tips

Have you ever wanted to travel someplace but decided not to go because simply getting there is too expensive?

It’s also quite aggravating.

Those days, however, are no more.

I’m going to tell you how I always purchase the cheapest flights available and never pay too much for a plane ticket again.

  1. Change your location by using a VPN

Don’t stop reading simply because you don’t understand what a VPN is!

Here’s something you probably didn’t realise:

Prices vary based on where you live. If you search for a flight Paris-Bucharest while in the United States, you are unlikely to find the same price as someone in Romania.

What exactly is a VPN?
The abbreviation stands for “Virtual Private Network.” To put it simply, it lets you to transmit and receive data as if you were connected to a network other than your laptop.

What’s the greatest part?

You may connect to a place other than the one you are currently in.

How to Book Cheap Flights using a VPN
You should be aware that you may get a VPN for free or purchase one. Obviously, the latter generally have more features.

  1. Go incognito and leave no trace

The influence of this approach has been widely contested, and it is difficult to demonstrate its overall efficacy. However, it doesn’t harm to try it, so you may as well do it just in case it does help. That’s exactly what I do.

You can’t eat the cookies.
Have you ever observed that the more you look into a flight, the higher the price becomes? You may not be insane after all. Don’t fool yourself: marketers utilize more sophisticated techniques than ever before, and they’re trying to get you – using cookies.

Cookies are data sets that follow your activities and assist airlines in determining your desire to buy a ticket. How do they make use of cookies? They raise the costs in the hopes that you would panic and book soon in order to avoid further increases.

Use the private mode to navigate.

Instead, make sure you’re surfing in incognito/private mode. This will open a new window in which you may browse privately. Depending on the browser you’re using, here’s how to accomplish it:

Because cookies are reset each time you open a new incognito window, you should start again with each search. Close all of your windows, then launch a fresh private window and a new flight search.

  1. Utilize the Best Flight Search Engines
    Simply stated, without them, your prospects of getting inexpensive travel tickets are slim.

What exactly are aircraft search engines?
They are similar to Google Flights (actually, Google Flights is one of them). These search engines use proprietary algorithms and analyse massive amounts of data to provide you with a plethora of possibilities for the trip you’re searching for: various airlines, departure and arrival times, itinerary, and, of course, costs. When it comes to finding inexpensive airline tickets, they are your best friend.

These websites (or applications) will then lead you to another external page where you may buy your ticket, such as an online travel agency (OTA) or the airline’s Website.

What are the most effective flight search engines?
It depends on your criteria, but you’re probably looking for the best deal. In this scenario, I strongly suggest Skyscanner: it often provides the lowest tickets and is more upfront about costs than many other airline search engines. That is, in most situations, the rate shown for a certain flight is the ultimate amount you will pay. Skyscanner also offers a fantastic feature, which I will discuss more below, that allows you to compare fares for a certain flight over the course of a month.

Expedia, on the other hand, often forgets to include extra costs that emerge only after you buy your trip.

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